On Wednesday we attended the screening of “Mr Calzaghe”, a feature documentary about the 46 fight, undefeated, Welsh boxing legend Joe Calzaghe.

Invited to the intimate cinema at Soho House as guests of boxing inspired underwear brand Hamilton and Hare, we were, after the Welsh Rugby team, the first viewers of the film along with a selection of journalists. We were honoured to hear from Joe Calzaghe himself as well as the director Vaughan Sivell.

A boxing fan myself and having read little about the film beforehand, I was intrigued to see what would be created about a champion who never sought the limelight and by some was greatly underrated. What I found was a real Rocky esque story of a humble boy who became a boxing legend instilled with boxing skill and fighting steel from his father Enzo, a musician turned trainer.

The film conveys the importance of family and dedication to the sport in Joe Calzaghe’s success story as the only British world champion to retire undefeated and is a must watch for boxing fans and generally for those interested in a genuinely inspiring story.

“Mr Calzaghe will be released in cinemas on 20 November 2015 and is available for pre order on Amazon.