As you’d expect, we at Street Gentry love good tech and as bloggers on the go we value anything that will protect our phones and tablets and enhance our user experience. So when, a few months back, we were introduced to U.S. accessory brand Zagg, we were positively intrigued.

Born in 2005, through the creation of the Invisible Shield screen protection, Zagg developed its first bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard in 2010. Following this, the brand has steadily developed to offer casing, audio and portable charging.

What’s in a name? When the name is Phillip Chipping, a combination of ingenuity, inspiration, and irony. The year was 2005, and Phillip was working in his garage. He had been given a watch as a gift, and was determined to find a way to protect it from chips, nicks, and scratches. He found the solution in an amazingly durable film originally made to protect military helicopter blades from high-speed damage. A burst of inspiration and a few tweaks later and the first InvisibleShield design was made, and Zagg was born.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been testing out the Zagg Slim Book case for the iPad mini (2nd and 3rd generation). Light and ultra slim yet durable, the case features a wireless backlit keyboard, syncing with the iPad through bluetooth.

Zagg2Upon connection, the keyboard is fully functional, meaning no need for instructions or any complications. Working smoothly with Safari and the Notes function of iPad, typing with the keyboard is fluent and no lag is experienced.

The versatility of the Slim Book is the most impressive feature of the case. Keyboard aside, it offers a video mode, standalone iPad case and a book mode all with muli-angled flexibility of the screen like a laptop.

4 ZaggThe Slim Book comes equipped with a micro USB charging cable and Zagg promise that the keyboard battery lasts up to two years between charges (*based on regular use of one hour per day without the backlight).

For those on the look out for protection that won’t bulk up the size iPad the Slim Book is the perfect 2in1 solution. We loved it so much that it featured on our recent Christmas Gift list. Of course, if your needs are different, Zagg are more than likely to be able to meet your needs, offering more rugged tablet protection with wireless keyboards.

At £90 the Slim Book is more expensive than other tablet keyboards, however you’ll be paying for the supreme quality and versatility provided by the all round case. For this reason, the Slim Book earns the Street Gentry👍.

Zagg Slim Book iPad Case | Review
Value For Money
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