I’m a self confessed map geek so when I came across the amazing layering of peoples GPS data from Flowing Data I lost an hour.

The maps take their routes from publicly accessible data from apps like Map My Run and Runkeeper.  As the names suggest these apps record peoples exercise in real time with location, speed, time and elevation. The data is then collated and layered across maps to create the stunning images below.  As Flowing Data say on their site, It would be really interesting to see what town planners, councils and governments could do with this data to improve the safety and quality of life of the citizens of these big city’s.

Have a look at the maps below and see if you have completed any of routes!

Where People Run In London

Where pople run in london

Where People Run In Paris

where people run in paris

Where People Run In Tokyo

where people run in tokyo

Where People Run In San Francisco

where people run in san fransisco

Where People Run In Venice

where people run in venice

Where People Run In Sydney

where people run in sydney

Where People Run In LA

where people run in la

Where People Run In New York

where people run in new york

All credit for these images belongs to Flowing Data