With Summer well and truly under way and the holiday season in full force what better time to get yourself a camera to capture those moments you’ll want to remember for when the grey weather inevitably descends again. Much has been written about the death of the traditional camera in the wake of smartphones and the ‘instagramification’ of photography, but here at Street Gentry we are firm believers that you just can’t beat the quality and performance of a good conventional camera. A smartphone will also always struggle to replicate that certain romantic allure of packing your trusty camera ahead of your long awaited travels. With that in mind we’ve picked out three handsome models that help will help you snap in style with quality results, as well as a recommendation for finding some retro photographic treasure.

Leica X Type 113

With its iconic red dot and a heritage of 100 years of German engineering Leica are arguably the connoisseurs choices when it comes to cameras. Championed by icons such as Alfred Hitchcock, Miles Davis and Scarlett Johansson as well as photographer giants such as Henri Cartier-Bresson the ‘cult of Leica’ clearly has a lot to offer in both the style and substance departments with celebrities and professional photographers quick to sing the praises of the camera with the little red dot. Straying from the traditional black finish made iconic through the ‘M’ series of Leica cameras we like the stylish brown and silver of this X Type 113. As well as taking crystal clear photos this camera also records video at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. If you’d excuse the pun we leica very much indeed!



Hasselblad Stellar II

If you’re looking for something more from your camera than austere functionality then the Stellar II by the Swedish photographic manufacturers Hasselblad could be the camera for you. Blending beautiful design with incredible performance and cutting edge technology this camera allows you take impeccable shots with an accessory you’d be proud to own for a lifetime. We particularly like the attractive olive wood finish on the handle and the quality leather strap. The Stellar II also provides integrated Wi-Fi meaning you can share your photographic genius instantaneously. Who said quality cameras need to be eye-sores?

Olympus XZ-2 iHS

Coming in at the more affordable end of the market but still packing a punch in the quality stakes in the XZ-2 from the Japanese optics gurus Olympus. The sleek black design of this model is pleasingly deceptive as although the exterior suggests a no frills approach the technology within is about as good as it gets for a point-and-shoot camera. With 12 megapixels, a multi-directional LCD screen and a SLR style turntable lens ring for focusing and other customisable functions this pocket sized number could well become your go-to camera for when you’re on the move.




Illustration for Street Gentry by Paul Donnison

Snapping Up a Charity Bargain

The sartorial benefits of charity shops have long been established, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure after all and with a discerning eye and a bit of a luck a spot of charity shop hunting can be a fruitful endeavour. What is less known however, is that charity shops are also a gold mine for cameras. With a bit of digging you can often find fantastic retro models, such as the Olympus Trip pictured, in fully working order and for bargain prices. Although digital technology offers the results of your snapping immediately on screen there is still something just that little bit extra special about taking your roll of film to be developed and discovering the fruits of your photographic labour, with the occasional stinker and thumb photo adding to the fun. In our opinion the physicality of developed film still has a romantic allure over the convenience and instant results of digital photography. So why not pop into a couple of your local charity shops the next time you’re in the market for a camera, you never know what you could snap up.

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