Pump Audio Earphones - The Best In The World?
Sound Quality9
Value For Money7
8Crisp Sounds

Any earphones billed as the best in the world are certainly worth a review by Street Gentry. Pump Audio believe that their in-ear earphones are the best around and kindly sent us a pair to put to the test.

Aesthetically, the Pump Audio earphones look and feel solid and while the orange / black colour combination may be too bright for some, the all black coloured option is suitable for those who prefer earphones to be an understated accessory. Each pair of earphones arrive with three sets of differently sized, noise isolating ear buds to ensure a snug fit whatever the size of your ears. Importantly, the long cable means you don’t need to worry about tugging when your phone or music device is in your pocket.

Compatibility wise, the Pump Audio Earphones are great, doubling up as a hands-free device usable with Apple, Android and Windows devices. Meanwhile the discrete button below the in-built microphone allows you to switch back and forth between tracks seamlessly. Perhaps the only thing missing are volume buttons to prevent you from reaching back to your device.

pump-orange-MicWhat really makes or breaks earphones or any audio device for that matter is the sound quality. Having received a number of artist endorsements, we expected the earphones to be good but nonetheless upon using them for a day, we were surprised at the clarity and crispness of the sound particularly on tracks with big bass. The Pump Audio earphones provide premium quality sound suitable for all who enjoy music on a daily basis in a solid structure that can be used on the go with ease.

Pump BlackAt £99, the earphones are fairly steep considering there are comparable earphones available for less. However, by parting with your money for a pair of the Pump Audio earphones you’ll get a five year warranty, meaning should they fail within this period you’ll have them replaced. As to whether these are the best earphones in the world, well, that remains open to debate.