Time has not been called on the smart watch, so prepare yourself for the next generation of wearable tech. The new generation of smart watches are powered by Google’s new platform, Android Wear which is a tailored version of Android for wearable devices.

The Moto 360 is the cream of the crop thanks to its nod to classic simplistic styling, but it’s no normal watch. The ethos is simple, in that everything the modern gent takes for granted, such as checking the latest football results should be available ‘at a glance.’  The device gives you the latest feed from your emails, social networks, calendar updates, directions and even tells the time. It’s even been given Google Glass’s ‘OK Google’ function so you can send texts and call upon information by simply talking into the device.

Available in a range of styles and strap options the watch is produced by Motorola (now Google owned.) It promises to be the future of the watch and is available later this year.

moto 360

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