Mu-so by Naim | Music to our ears

Mu-so by Naim | Music to our ears
Sound Quality9.5
Ease Of Use9
Value for Money8
8.9Overall Score

At a time when speaker systems are readily available, it will take a lot to persuade you to part with just shy of £900 for a music system. However once you spend a few days in the company of the Mu-so music system you may be more inclined to do so.

At £895 the Mu-so certainly isn’t cheap, so what do you get for your money? To start with you’ll get the first wireless music system to be made by renowned British audio manufacturer Naim, with over 450 watts of power pulsating through six custom designed speakers.

The Mu-so itself is constructed from a wooden speaker cabinet wrapped in anodised aluminium accompanied by a black speaker grille which can be alternated with different colours (available separately). The sleek yet unassuming finish of the Mu-so makes it a perfect fit for a living room in a Gent’s pad.

Having kindly been given a Mu-so to review, its connectivity and ease of use were its stand out qualities; it is compatible with Airplay, UpNp, Bluetooth and Spotify as well as a Naim app available on iOS and Android devices. While it was slightly tricky trying to sync my phone with the Mu-so for the first time, thereafter, a few simple taps on my phone, iPad or MacBook would be all that was needed to get music booming from the Mu-so regardless of whether I was in the same room or not.

Of course the real test for any music system is its sound quality. The Mu-so excels here – providing crisp sounds even at high volumes, emphasising intricate lyrics and instruments in each song it plays. Indeed, if you are to buy a Mu-so it will be the clarity of sound that will persuade you to make it the centrepiece of your front room.

The Mu-so certainly is a high quality product, one that deserves to be considered if you’re in the market for a new modern music system.

Recently released, the Mu-so is stocked by John Lewis and by some specialist audio retailers.  For more information on the Mu-so visit