Originating from 1950’s Kingston, Jamaica, the term “Rudeboy” was used to describe the young and mischievous who under the influence of ska music rebelled against fashion and society.

Now, a new exhibition from photographer and film maker Dean Chalker and creative director Harris Elliot explores the style, swagger and importance of the 21st Century Rudeboy.

The duo have photographed more than 60 individuals whose dress sense represents what it means today, to be part of this urban group.


“The depiction reveals a collective of sharply dressed individuals who exemplify an important and rarely documented subculture.”

The exhibition, held at Somerset House, will also feature a series of photographs, film, live events and installations.

Return of The Rudeboy is a free exhibition, opening on Friday 13th June and ending on Monday 25th August 2014. Further information can be found at returnoftherudeboy and by visiting the Somerset House website.