The works of George Bellows the 20th century American realist painter are currently on show at the Royal Academy of Arts.
Bellows was fascinated by New York, its landscape and varied inhabitants. His paintings which include boxing fights and cityscapes are heralded for their bold depiction of urban life in New York and other U.S states.

Dempsey and Firpo (1924)

George_Bellows_-_New_YorkNew York (1911)

The exhibition lasts until 9th June and booking may be required. This along with further details can be found on the Royal Academy of Arts website.
If you make it in time, let us know what you think!

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  1. Freddy

    A must see exhibition for fans of the sweet science. The savagery and beauty of boxing is highlighted in Bellow’s paintings. The change, from a gritty underground past time to a highly lucrative mainstream sport is shown in Bellow’s two masterful paintings, ‘The Stag at Sharkey’s’ and ‘Dempsey and Firpo’ respectively. The exhibition also has a number of graphic and thought provoking works on war which are startling. The exhibition is well worth the £10 entrance fee.


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