From the 19th of September until the 13th of December the hallowed galleries of The Royal Academy of Arts will be taken over with the creative and often provocative works of the Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei. Although the victim of many dubious legal actions courtesy of the Chinese government, resulting in the restriction of travel and house arrest, Ai Weiwei has still managed to exhibit all over the world. His brand of brave and politically charged artwork has lead to ever increased global popularity and the Bejing artist is now easily one of China’s most recognisable creative figures.

The hotly anticipated exhibition will be the first of its kind in Britain marking the visionary career of Weiwei that has spanned three decades exploring a number of themes from human rights and freedom to contemporary Chinese culture and society.

Mr. Weiwei recently made global headlines for receiving his passport back from the Chinese authorities permitting him relative freedom to travel again. Excitingly this means he will be in London for the launch of the exhibition. Tickets for the landmark exhibition are sure to be in high demand so you may want to take advantage of the advance bookings available via the Royal Academy of Art website.

Check out the fascinating video below where Ai Weiwei discusses his influences and his on going creative relationship with politics.


weiwei pots

weiwei sculpture

weiwei puzzle

weiwei camera

All photos are the creative property of Ai Weiwei.


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