Described as ‘a guide to style and behavior for the modern gentlemen’ Glenn O’Brien’s How to Be a Man is a certifiable bible of sartorial and etiquette advice. As a legendary writer, editor and GQ style guru Glenn O’Brien has certainly earned his style chops but this is in no way a ‘dos and don’ts’ guide, taking more of the form of a collection of short essays on topics ranging from grooming to accessorising that whilst always useful and witty, also never takes itself too seriously.

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Rather than being read in one go, the book is best for dipping in and out of, or when looking for some reassuring guidance. Some highlights including O’Brien’s take on the ‘Barber vs. Salon’ debate and the appropriateness of wearing flip-flops in public. Entertaining, informative and always useful ‘How to Be a Man’ is a must for every modern gent’s bookcase.


How to be a man

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