Anybody living in a busy city will be familiar with the everyday struggle of parking and fitting into tight spots.

Last Wednesday, Street Gentry was invited to Berlin to see first-hand, the solution to this; the two seater ForTwo and four seater ForFour cars by Smart.



A sister brand to Mercedes, Smart cars combine charm and functionality; the ForTwo measures only 2.69 metres in length and the ForFour only 3.49 metres with turning circles of 6.95 metres and 8.65 metres respectively. The FourTwo measures a mere 2.69 metres in length and both cars feature a rear engined layout which allows ample space and comfort for both driver and passengers.

There is no compromise on safety either; both the ForTwo and ForFour feature the Mercedes “tridon cell” structure (reinforced high-strength steel tridon, inspired by race-car roll cages, engineered to be a barrier upon impact).

Tridon Cell

Buyers have the choice between two three-cylinder engines and can enjoy the best of both worlds, with the option of a manual five speed gearbox or “twinamic” dual clutch automatic transmission. Both the ForTwo and ForFour are complemented by a sleek and compact finish with attractive interior which allows great compatibility with smart phones.

“Through its design, smart must, from the very first glance, be a statement for the joy of city life unmistakably smart and incomparably different.” Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of Smart.



Prices for the cars are expected to start from £11,000. Judging by the previous popularity of Smart’s previous two-door car, the ForTwo and ForFour which go on sale in November are likely to replicate this success.

For more details on the ForTwo and ForFour visit the Smart website.