New Smart Forfour | Car Review
"Does what it says on the tin and a little more."
Driving Experience8.5
Interior Design 7.5
Exterior Design8

Following our trip to Berlin last year for the premiere of the new two and four seater Smart cars, we’d long been looking forward to test driving one of the cars. So when our friends at Mercedes (Smart’s brother company) were kind enough to give us the five-speed manual transmission ForFour Prime 71 to review for a week, we were more than pleased.

As its name would indicate, the ForFour is the four seater, five door version of the new Smart – the first four seater car Smart has produced. The exterior of the car is compact and solid with the Dunlop sport tyres nicely complementing the champagne black bodywork.

Against our preconceptions of a Smart car, we found the interior to be sufficiently spacious enough to ferry four adults around, with the leather heated front seats and rotating air vents providing ample comfort for driver and passengers alike. The car boot is rather small and while this may be an issue for journeys to the airport etc, this wouldn’t be an everyday issue.

Aesthetically, the interior features a two tone design (black and white in the car we had), which is clean and simple. The standout piece from the interior is the tablet-esque dashboard screen; Easy to use and appropriately sensitive to touch, it has a Sat Nav, phone and media connectivity, radio and vehicle information, providing for a smooth travelling experience.

Interior 2

So how did it drive? Our first impressions were that of surprise; surprise at how rapidly the car progressed from 0 to 30mph. We loved it’s ability to complete a turning circle in only 8.65m, making three point turns a distant memory and parking a thing of ease.

Despite a louder than expected engine (by no means excruciatingly loud but noiser than you’d expect), the ForFour drove smoothly with comfortable steering and slick gear changes making it easy to manoeuvre. On occasion, slight inclines in the road particularly at 70mph on a motorway, resulted in  the ForFour dropping in speed and asking for a drop from 5th to 4th gear. At this point it is important to remember that Smart cars are designed for urban driving, its speciality being town and inner city journeys. From this perspective it’s impressive that an occasional lack of power was the only criticism of the ForFour on lengthy journeys which saw us go from East London to Hampshire and from Surrey to Hertfordshire.


The ForFour is a charming car which does what it says on the tin and a little more. With prices starting from just £12,315, the ForFour is a great choice if the majority of your driving is to be in the city and it certainly earns the Street Gentry 👍.

Visit Smart, for more information on the ForFour and other models within the range.