With the F1 season in full swing, why not experience life like Hamilton and Vettel, racing at over 200mph? A month ago we did just that, courtesy of Lets Race in Horley. Located a stones throw from Gatwick, Lets Race has 10 F1 racing simulators networked together in a racing room. Each simulator has been designed to look and feel like a genuine 2014, Formula One race car, complete with cockpit, driving position and racing sounds.

The simulator offers a variety of circuits to race on, from Silverstone to Monaco. Our session began with a 15 minute safety briefing followed by qualifying laps over a 15 minute period and then a 30 minute race. The twists and turns on the circuit, coupled with the in-car shocks and vibrations gave an experience that to us, felt as close as one can get to the real thing. To top it all off, there is a podium to celebrate the top 3 positions, unfortunately no champagne!

We certainly had an enjoyable racing experience. The multiple circuits, on site instructors and experiences starting from only £16.50 make the F1 simulator a great option for group events. Visit Lets Race for more on the simulator packages and experiences available.