As you’ll know by now, we like everything to be clean and refined, from our food to our clothes. However, once in while, a Gent needs to push himself out of his comfort zone and that’s what we did a few weeks back by taking on Tough Mudder.

10 miles of obstacles, tunnels, mud and water tested us out in a way that a normal gym routine never has done and never will. We found ourselves scaling walls and running through fields, battling against fatigue, injury and electroshock therapy (electric wires) to scramble across the finish line.


Jeep is one of the sponsors of Tough Mudder and we were given the 4×2 version of the Renegade model to get us to and from the event.


Starting with the aesthetics; the Renegade is a lot more curvy than your standard Jeep, allowing it to fit in and around towns and cities without looking shamelessly bulky. That being said, this is all a matter of taste. For those who prefer more masculine shapes, the Wrangler may be preferred.


The Renegade has a spacious interior, with clean and simple additions, the stand out piece being the easy-to-use entertainment screen.


We were most impressed by the drive of the Renegade; the car handled smoothly, offering a solid presence on the road. Keen to push the car further we took it to The John Morgan 4×4 course at Slindon Safari in Sussex. Despite not being a 4 wheel drive, the 4×2 Renegade was able to demonstrate its sturdy instincts in navigating and meandering its way ditches and muddy forest land.

Renegade 2

A comfortable ride, the biggest selling point for the  Renegade, we feel, is its price. Starting at a little over £16,000, the renegade represents value for money for those looking for a compact, urban friendly SUV that is still able to cut it with its larger counterparts. Certainly a 👍 from us.

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