In an instant gratification age of internet induced short attention spans, hourly next big things and TV talent shows, longevity has become something of issue for the music industry, with a typical career arc involving a Christmas no.1 one day followed by a prime spot in a petrol station bargain bin the next. The never knowingly under-dressed Steven Patrick Morrissey on the other hand, or as his legions of devotees know him as – Moz,  has never had such problems with a career spanning an impressive quarter of century. Morrissey 25 Live marks this achievement by bringing an intimate Hollywood performance to fans worldwide.

Featuring classic tracks from both The Smiths and Morrissey’s solo repertoire, Morrissey 25: Live also features interviews from fans as well as documenting the charismatic performance of one of Britain’s few genuine musical icons.

If you’re quick, you can see the film before it’s rolled out for general release in October at Riverside Studios tomorrow (10/09) in Fulham. Tickets are £10 for an 8.00 screening.



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