Shaving is an essential part of a Gentleman’s lifestyle so it’s important to have the right tools. In search of these, we turned to The Personal Barber; a shaving subscription service that provides the razor, blades and skincare products to the door each month.September-16-shaving-kitSo last month we took delivery of our first shaving box. Inside we found a sleek chrome coated safety razor, blades from Wilkinson Sword, synthetic haired shaving brush, Muhle Aloe Vera shaving cream, aftershave cooling Gel and Rogue eye serum.

Brush and Stick

The Personal Barber aims to make shaving an enjoyable experience and certainly does this by offering a reliable and informative service. Each month the box will include different accessories, including balms, soaps and creams to turn what for some, can be a “chore” into and a fun grooming process while discovering new brands and products.

Nothing says sophistication quite like manually working a soap with a brush and using it to lather up your face.” The Personal Barber

Importantly, each box is equipped with a summary of the products and tips for usage.

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For just under £25 a month, the subscription provides a great way of invigorating your shaving routine and certainly gets the Gentry seal of approval. Visit the Personal Barber for more information and subscription options.