Grooming Essentials - Vaseline Spray Moisturiser
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In our new feature series we will be looking at the best mens grooming products that are not only an improvement on the ones you already use but also speed the up the process of getting ready.

Our first hero product is Vaseline Spray Moisturiser.

Released in May, these quick draw spray cans of goodness allow you to easily apply moisturiser without the fuss and hassle of having to get it out the bottle (that it never wants to leave!) and wait for what seems like an endless amount of time for it dry.

This is achieved using micro droplets of healing Vaseline Petroleum Jelly which allow the formula to dry in seconds, so you can be out of the front door minutes after.

Vaseline Spray Moisturiser

Apart from the quick drying action, theres also something quite satisfying about being able to legitimately spray paint yourself every morning.

The moisturiser is available in three styles, Vaseline Essential Moisture, Vaseline Aloe Fresh and Vaseline Cocoa Radiant. Our favourite was Cocoa Radiant, purely for the amazing smell that it leaves you with for the rest of the day.