As working Gents we appreciate anything that can simplify our days, turning the inconvenient into the convenient. Starting a shave in the morning only to find that the blades are blunt is an inconvenience we are all too familiar with. With the newly formed Gillette Club, this promises to be problem of the past.

By visiting the Club website, a Gent can order Gillette blades and or Stick of his choice delivered straight to the door – from the new Fusion ProShield to long-standing Mach3 . Additionally each Gent can select a personalised shaving plan detailing how often the blades are to be delivered. In Gillette’s own words, “no red tape, no annual commitments, and no hidden extras. Just really, really, good razor blades.”

Available through various retailers including Amazon and Boots, the Gillette Club is an easily accessible service that promises to make our grooming hacks a thing of the past and earns the Street Gentry 👍. Visit for more information about the Club and available packages.