It’s an exciting time for British entrepreneurs, whether it be in; tech, culture or fashion an obvious growth market is men’s lifestyle, and solving the issues the busy gent has to keep up with their hectic life.

So, in steps Cornerstone. Looking to solve the irritation of keeping your grooming bag up to date, and taking the thought away from the relentless task of shaving.  In short they offer a service similar to the dollar shave club, but with more focus on the quality of product. Packing a tailored shaving kit to your door as often as you need it.

Cornerstone shaving review

We were lucky enough to be given a chance to test drive the service for ourselves and were really impressed by the amount of thought that has gone into the experience.

Each product solves an issue in the process of shaving from the pre shave face scrub to the brilliant balm for after care. A really nice value add is the personalisation aspect that allows you to get your initials engraved on your razor. We went for the Street Gentry’s SG.



How it works?


You customise your plan to suit your shaving routine. Select a set of shaving products, that suits you and how often you will need them.


Your box is then packed and a schedule set. All you have to do is await your next delivery with postage free.


You can push back orders, switch out products or cancel at any time.



Sign up today and test drive the service yourself.

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