s we transition from winter to spring there are a few better jackets to have in your arsenal than the macintosh. Durable and stylish, the mac tends to be more lightweight than your winter coat and therefore more accommodating to the sudden changes in the British weather.

Stroll around the city during a weekday and you’ll be sure to see macs in full force. In fact, they work so well over a suit that many Gents will only consider wearing a mac with smart clothing. So if looking for a more casual mac – Savile Row would be the last place to look right? Well think again and think Hardy Amies.

The Savile Row stalwarts have created their new mac. Pairing slanted pockets with an unlined interior they have merged sleek, simple styling with versatility. Available in navy, stone and blue, we collected our mac from the Hardy Amies home at 8 Savile Row and set about showcasing the jacket in one of the most stylish areas of London, Soho.

From Great Marlborough street to Berwick Street, Soho is known for its diversity of styles, authentic bars and restaurants as well as a number of bustling, independent record shops. Our journey began at Reckless Records, the first ever record shop on Berwick Street having opened its doors in 1984.

A stones throw away was Sister Ray, where we sifted through the eclectic mix of genres and artists, from Fela Kuti, the pioneer of Afrobeats, to the legend that was, Ray Charles.

Sounds of The Universe, with its sister record label, Soul Jazz records, was our next stop. The store boasts vinyl and CD’s originating from across the globe while also selling music related books and films.

We catered to our classical tastes with our final store, Harold Moores Records. With the look of a quaint bookshop, the record store prides itself on stocking rare and hard to find vinyl and CD’s

A productive day of exploring Soho’s record stores saw us leave with a few CD’s and a lot of admiration for the Hardy Amies mac. Despite hours of wear, the blue mac was comfortable and held its structure, resting evenly when unbuttoned.

By combining the jacket with a grey cashmere turtle neck, blue jeans and brown leather Chelsea boots, we found the perfect winter to spring transitional casual look. All things considered, the Hardy Amies mac took on Soho with style and grace and certainly gets the Gentry seal of approval.

Visit Hardy Amies at 8 Savile Row, on Instagram @hardyamiesldn or online for the new macs and more.

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