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In the day to day movements of a Gent there are subtle signs that you are just that, a Gent. Taking a refined pen from your blazer pocket is one such sign. The Ingenuity by Parker is the type of pen that gives a Gent the air of class.

Available in a range of finishes, we’ve been lucky enough to test out the Black Rubber and Metal version which features, metallic rings on the body of the pen and the Parker logo elegantly engraved on the nib hood and lid.

While the ingenuity looks like a fountain pen, it is in fact Parker’s new, patented 5th Generation technology; a refillable nib that after repeated use adapts to the users writing style.

Ingenuity Black Rubber and MetalThe trick is the fountain pen nib hood which makes you hold the pen in the same position, allowing the same part of the pen to touch the surface and wear down over time. The result? Less than a week into using the Ingenuity, I found that it had developed a soft, comfortable glide on the paper.

As easy to use and maintain as a standard biro, the ink does not dry out between infrequent uses and like a fountain pen, the Ingenuity feels solid and compact when held. It is a tad heavier than your average writing instrument but this is something that you’ll quickly get used to.


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With prices starting at around £150, this is certainly an investment but with the ease of a roller-ball and the sophistication of a fountain pen, the Ingenuity is certainly worth it. For all available styles and further information visit Parker Pens.