We’re excited to announce that Street Gentry has been granted exclusive access into the making of Microsoft X i-D’s collaboration celebrating 30 years of beauty in a truly outstanding way.

The campaign is a vision and partnership of Mexican brothers and filmmakers Santiao & Mauricio and New York powerhouse makeup artist Ralph Siciliano. The trio are all featured in the behind the scenes content, explaining how they utilised technology and ground-breaking filming methods to express the fast paced transition of tribal fashion trends throughout the last 30 years and into the future.

Microsoft xi-D

We loved the raw-harsh preview of the video, with the minimal tech backing and street plunging CGI. We can’t wait to see how the trio pulls such contrasting styles into one video.

Throughout the behind the scenes content you catch glimpses of the new HP Spectre x360 which is stunning piece of tech. Versatile enough for the whole team to collaborate on, it features a full 360 degree display ensuring its use as a laptop is not compromised as with some other tablets.

Microsoft xi-D

We were inspired to learn that models have been cast by accessing their Instagram accounts – allowing Santiao and Mauricio to understand the creative influences in the models lives rather than just the usual profile shots.

Accessed on the go via the HP Spectre x360, this has really got the team here at Gentry inspired as to how we can apply this to our own working style, allowing us to filter through look books and create ad-hoc mock ups of style grids.

Microsoft xi-D

From our view the super sleek design of the HP Spectre x360 perfectly encapsulates Microsoft’s current shift in public opinion. Their latest release seminars have caused a social storm thanks to projects like HoloLens and Spartan. We personally would love to see all three pieces of technology brought together.

The full film is released next week and will be featured on Street Gentry. In the meantime you can learn about the HP Spectre x360 here and read the full article on i-D magazine here

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