At Street Gentry, we love a good old cook out so when we are offered good meat and fine whiskey, there’s no chance that we’ll turn it down. Indeed, the meat and whiskey combo will be in full force on Thursday 1st October at Meat Mission in Shoreditch when Vice Munchies and Jack Daniels team up to host a night of good food and music.

The night will see the première of the first episode of the new Munchies Jack Daniels BBQ Road trip series; a culinary journey around the globe in search of what Vice calls “the most magical fire infused meat” around.
The BBQ Road Trip begins in the heart of London before moving on to Tennessee, the home of Jack Daniels where the old fashioned mixture of whiskey and barbecued meat come to the fore.

So if you’re still in summer BBQ mode, make sure you head down Meat Mission, on the night (RSVP here) and for a chance to win a tip to the annual Jack Daniels Championships in Lynchburg Tennessee, enter here.