Today marks the end of week one of the #RealJuiceReboot, a 21 day plan set up by Philips, Madeleine Shaw and Joe Wicks to encourage everyone to get involved and start making their own homemade juices. Never one to turn down a challange we jumped on board and a week later we got sent a rather smart Philips Viva Juicer.

Banking a new years resolution on this challenge was a well spent promise.  The whole process is quick, easy and I dont think I’ve eaten this much fruit and vegetables since a brief summer job picking fruit, where I felt that leveraging their harvest for my own personal gain was a suitable way to bump the wages up.

Day 1 started with a Watermelon and mint cooler, which was refreshing and gave a well needed sweet boost to the morning.


Day 2 followed with a Beetroot mix, the beet gave the drink a great depth of colour, and it felt really nutritious to drink.


By day 3, I had started to prepare the juice in the morning and decant into a sports bottle, to drink on my morning commute. Even though I had not set out to do this as a meal replacement, it is amazing quite how much you get out of a handful of fruit and vegetables, and before I knew it I was starting to feel full by the time I had arrived at work.

Days 4 and 5 marked things getting serious, juiced Cos Lettuce and Spinach creates a vibrant green drink but there is no denying it smells like…fresh cut grass! But…I perservered as it felt so good to know I had drank my 5-a-day before 9am!


On day 7 I can genuinely say the boost is starting to take effect, with energy levels and skin in particular really picking up. The juicer has now become part of our normal kitchen equipment and I can see it being popular for cocktail nights!

realjuicereboot philips street gentry

If you want to keep up with the latest recipes head over the Instagram / Twitter accounts where we’ve been posting the latest pictures.

Also if you like the look of the Juicer we are using,, search for the Philips Viva juicer and post your creations using the #RealJuiceReboot hashtag!


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