Here at Street Gentry we’re always on the look out for new casual fragrances that give us confidence and freshness but that also do not get heads turning heads in the office for all the wrong reasons. (Is there a worse workplace crime than being the guy in the office with the overpowering aftershave?) Lynx’s new Black range aims to help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, through sophistication and subtlety, making it an ideal addition to our everyday grooming routine.

The sleek, stripped back and minimal appearance of the new range matches the subtle scent making it an ideal everyday fragrance for discerning gents who prefer simplicity and understatement. Lynx Black has been designed to help individual style shine through, a premium scent that allows a man to be noticed on his own terms. It’s your style and personality that you want to leave as a lasting impression after all, not an overpowering scent. By working alongside fragrance expert Ann Gottllieb, Lynx have developed a masculine, sophisticated aroma through a complex blend of fruits with moss, cedar wood and patchouli that is still fresh and youthful, making it a versatile scent for any occasion from the office to the bar.




With social media, on demand TV and mobile internet we’re living in an age of constant distraction with everything and everyone crying louder and appearing bigger and bolder vying for our increasingly in demand attention. Lynx Black sees things differently, quiet confidence and self-assurance is the most effective way to get noticed in a world that is louder than ever before, and the new refined range is designed to help you make a meaningful impact by embracing your own personal style.

In addition to the body spray the collection also comprises of shower gel, anti-perspirant, shampoo and hair clay all designed with the same subtle, fragrant approach which means you can ‘bring the quiet’ to your entire grooming routine.


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