Through the use of augmented reality London architect Edward Mascarenhas has transformed the iconic Barbican estate into a proposed video game that focuses on understanding architectural environments.
The project would involve players navigating through the Barbican’s many walk ways and elevated paths to collect virtual building blocks and appliances to build bigger and greater bridges than their opponent in a fully immersive video game experience.

Explaining the project to Dezeen magazine Mascarenhas said: “The area directly surrounding the Barbican itself has these elevated walkways that are heavily underused for a central London location, it is a very unique space which is completely under-valued and is suited to be re-appropriated without physically transforming it.”

Besides from sounding like an incredibly fun experience the project also highlights the relationship between design, architecture and construction in the city. Although just a concept at the moment, we’re looking forward to the day when exciting, immersive projects like this become an everyday reality.

Barbecana from Edward Mascarenhas on Vimeo.




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