It’s a really exciting time for the discerning beer drinker at the moment, the hype and interest around the craft beer movement is bringing more focus into exploring new markets and new taste experiences.

At Street Gentry we are always excited to be given the heads up on new releases and this week we got a chance to taste the latest release to hit the UK market, Affligem.

Coming to the UK with a trinity of fresh new beers, this new release has a big name to live up to. Named after the Affligem Abbey in East Flanders Belgium, which started brewing beer in 1074 the new release is targeted a sophisticated gent who wants more from beer than a cheeky lager on a Friday night. This is perfectly summed up in the ‘Body and Soul’ serving suggestion where you are enticed to poor 90% of the bottle in the normal fashion but then save the final 10% for a crystal shot glass so you can enjoy a flavoursome shot of the naturally occurring yeast.

Affligem is now available in three unique styles:

  • Blonde (ABV 6.8%) – A light and refreshing clear ale – RRP £3.85
  • Double (ABV 6.8%) – A malty and rich beer – RRP £4.20
  • Triple (ABV 9%) – The pride of the abbey, with a distinctive bitter edge – RRP £4.50

Be sure to check out your local bottle shop to enjoy the sophistaivation of Affligem.


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