Street Gentry is proud to support the ‘wear it pink’ campaign and shall be “ditching the beige” with pleasure on the 24th of October to show our support and raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign. A thousand women are still dying every month in the UK from breast cancer – the wear it pink campaign is a fun way to get involved in with the fight. By donning salmon you’ll be helping fund research, develop new treatments and ultimately save lives!

OK so pink is not exactly high on most chaps list of preferred colours. Let’s face it – most gents would not be comfortable with looking ‘Pretty in Pink’. But fear not for we have prepared a simple guide with four ways in which you can wear it pink and still keep your cool on the 24th!



The Bold Choice

We’ve put the shirt as our ‘bold choice’ as it’s the most visible and dramatic option short of wearing a pink suit – which for 98% of the male population should just simply never be attempted. But is a pink shirt really so bold? Traditionally Oxford shirts are either white, blue or pink and in the summer months the rosier side of the colour spectrum is just the ticket. So the chances are most of us chaps will have a pink shirt or two ready in our wardrobe for the occasion.

By the end of October it’s likely that the autumn will of well and truly kicked in so you’ll ideally want a thicker cotton to keep out the chill. We’ve picked out a classic Brooks Brothers Oxford in a slimmer fit but we recently got a great tip on twitter for your shirt shopping needs. Check out John Simons on Chiltern Street – this shirt is perfect for the 24th! It would also just feel wrong if we didn’t recommend the appropriately named Thomas Pink where the shirt in our banner photo comes from.





The Smart Choice

All right, so your office has strict neck tie dress code but this needn’t be a reason for not getting involved. A pink tie is the perfect way to subvert the office dress code and support breast cancer research whilst doing it!

If you’re going to invest in a pink tie for the 24th you should avoid the garish shiny fare you normally find in Burton’s, BHS and their ilk. Paying a little extra for quality will shift the tie from novelty territory into firm style staple. This handrolled 100% silk tie from Drake’s is a quality British made product that would work a treat with slightly more casual suits and jackets.




The Dapper Choice

Reiss pocket square
What self respecting chap doesn’t appreciate a well chosen pocket square? October is well and truly blazer/sportcoat season so this should be an easy and fun way to get involved with wear it pink without making too much of a loud statement.

There’s a plenty of choice out there in pink but we especially like this spotty number from Reiss. The pattern would work wonders in adding bit of interest and texture to an otherwise drab everyday outfit. It’s also not so outlandish that it couldn’t be worn regularly, especially in the spring when a bit of colour and fun is essential after months of grey and gloom.





The Subtle Choice

If you’re completely averse to pink, a colourphobe or doggedly stick to a strict navy/black/grey monochrome palette then a pair of pink socks might be the subtle choice for you if you still want to show your support on the 24th.

The flash of pink at your ankles will show your support for a great campaign whilst also giving your outfit a touch of panache and personality. Depending on your trouser length the majority of people probably won’t even notice but those in the ‘wear it pink’ know are sure to you give a knowing nod of approval at your tickled pink ankles! The pink pair pictured are from UNIQLO who always have multi-buy options on their kaleidoscopic range of socks.