Whether it be Terry, Lampard and Drogba or Vidic, Scholes and Rooney, the key to success is a dependable and reliable core. Here at Street Gentry we think that your wardrobe should be no different. We’ve picked out five year all-year-round trusty pieces that should form the backbone of every man’s wardrobe. Don’t expect any thrills here, these are no-nonsense everyday classics that no gent should be without. Let’s go back to the basics!


Bomber Jacket

Next to the Harrington and denim jacket, the bomber is easily one of the most versatile and simple to wear jackets you can get. Light enough to be worn year round, and equally at home when paired with casual and formal outfits, the classic bomber jacket really is a go-to workhorse. The Paul Smith London bomber jacket we’ve picked out is an investment piece that will never go out style. Your wardrobe will thank you for it.


Paul Smith Leather Bomber Jacket



The Classic Grey Sweater


Never the most thrilling or exciting item in anyone’s wardrobe but always one of the most reliable, the humble grey sweater is an adaptable staple that will work with almost any outfit. One of the first names on the wardrobe essentials team-sheet. We’ve picked John Smedley’s Bennie sea island cotton grey sweater which is part of the brands SS14 collection.


John Smedley ‘Bennie’ Sweater


Oxford Shirt


There is not much you can say about the Oxford button down shirt, or OBD, that hasn’t already been said. A true menswear’s classic, the OBD is a shirt for almost all occasions. Whether in solids, stripes, checks or madras the simplicity of a well fitted Oxford shirt guarantees the wearer effortless style. We’ve picked a crisp Fred Perry Oxford that has all the hallmarks of a classic OBD. Think of this shirt as your no-nonsense defensive midfielder, holding your outfits and wardrobe together.

Fred Perry Classic Oxford Shirt


Selvedge Denim

Style concious or not, everyone has a regular ol’ pair of jeans in their wardrobe. A pair of selvedge jeans on the other hand can really help to set you apart. This article from Rawr denim gives a good overview of what selvedge is all about, but generally they are much better made, fray less, last longer and look great with a turn-up. French label A.P.C. are renowned for making great quality jeans, and the minimal detailing and slim fit of our featured pair made them an obvious pick for our essentials post. These will last for years and will look great with almost everything, an affordable investment to give your wardrobe some selvedge backbone.

A.P.C. Slim Fit Selvedge Jeans


Desert Boots

Forget dogs, desert boots are man’s true best friend. Hard wearing and rugged the desert boot is the ultimate casual shoe. Although there are lots of varieties available out there, nothing beats the original and best from Clarks. Part of the new line from Clarks Originals these beeswax desert boots feature a brown shade of soft leather that is perfect for every season. Always a favourite with the Street Gentry team, the clean lines and simplicity of the desert boot meant it was always going to be included in our wardrobe essentials post.

Clarks Orignal Beeswax Desert Boot

Desert Boot Beeswax