It’s that time of year again, the colder months are drawing in fast, the commute to and from work is spent in darkness and our thoughts turn to the winter wardrobe – just as you’d perfected your autumn one! With this frosty transition on the horizon Uniqlo are planning a series of timely events next week to promote their cutting-edge technology HEATTECH.

Here at Street Gentry we‘re always keen to discover innovative and functional new approaches to manufacture and clothing and HEATTECH fits the bill perfectly. Ordinarily when you think of keeping warm you’d naturally think of layers and thickness – Uniqlo have flipped this idea on its head with HEATTECH. The inventive fabric utilises our body heat by storing the warmth deep in the fibres of impressively thin garments, helping you keep yourself warm without having to pile on the layers.

To celebrate the technology Uniqlo are profiling a great range of brand ambassadors whose everyday pursuits have been enhanced by HEATTECH.


The Ambassadors

Pizza Pilgrims
Graffiti Life
Pothole Garderner
Fixed Gear London

As part of the HEATTECH Pursuits campaign, the ambassadors have collaborated with Uniqlo to create a series of exciting events next week – with lots of HEATTECH gear to be given away! Starting off at Pizza Pilgrims Leather Lane location on Monday from 12pm, the campaign then moves to Pedley St (Brick Lane) for a Graffiti Life live mural on Wednesday, before moving west to High Street Kensington on Thursday, where the Pothole Gardener will be creating bespoke HEATTECH mini-gardens and finally returning back to East London on Friday where Fixed Gear London will be hosting a Rollapaluza.



Monday Nov 10th: (12 – 2pm) Pizza Pilgrims leather lane
Wednesday Nov 12th: (from 10am) Graffiti Life painting at Pedley St site (Brick Lane)
Thursday Nov 13th: (from 11am) Pothole Gardener at High Street Kensington
Friday Nov 14th: (7 – 10pm) London Fixed Gear Rollapaluza Shoreditch Grind (Old St)

These events are perfect opportunities to start equipping yourself for a long cold winter whilst experiencing some of London’s most exciting businesses. In the meantime we’ve picked some of our favourite pieces from the HEATTECH collection to whet your appetite for next weeks winter wardrobe festivities.