Whether you’re going on a business trip, a city break or a long overdue and dreaded trip to your great aunt Bessie’s it’s always important to look and feel your best. But let’s be honest, thanks to cramped airliners and overcrowded trains travel can often be a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully, Acqua di Parma’s range of travel sprays can help you stay fragrant and fresh, even if you’re feeling far from heavenly on your journey.

With a heritage so closely tied the world of Italian tailoring, products from Acqua di Parma always demonstrate a passion for detail, and the Colonia travel sprays are certainly no exception with each variety of the 30ml fragrance packaged in a stylish hand-stitched leather case. Handy refills of each scent are also available so the bottle which fits snuggly in the case can be reused as often as you like.



The classic Colonia fragrance is subtle and refined. Made from Sicilian citrus fruits, lavender and verbena.1 COLONIA TRAVEL SPRAY



The Assoluta is a warm and spicy variety of the classic scent and is particularly long lasting making it an ideal fragrance for when you’re on the go.2 COLONIA ASSOLUTA TRAVEL SPRAY


Despite the name this isn’t a more ‘intense’ version of the Colonia but is markedly more masculine. An aromatic scent with cedar wood and leather touches. 3 COLONIA INTENSA TRAVEL SPRAY

Call us romantics, but when it comes to travel we at Street Gentry look back to the days where looking sharp and pulled together was essential for any extended journey or excursion. And that’s why we such a fan of the Acqua di Param Colonia travel sprays, helping to bring a bit of style, sophistication and freshness to our travel. Now if only they could make that baby stop crying…

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