At Street Gentry we are always keen to support British brands, especially those that make their products in the UK. With this in mind we were excited to be introduced to Tom Hide a new brand that fits this brief perfectly, creating heritage inspired accessories and leather goods that are hand crafted with a combination of modern and traditional techniques right here in England. Despite only being in 2013 the Central London based company have already produced an impressive range of quality accessories and goods that share an emphasis on subtle design and functionality. And with their ethos of unique products at an affordable price range we’re excited to get behind Tom Hide. Have a look at some of our picks from across the range below.




Constructed from sturdy waxed canvas the carry alls and tote bags are perfectly designed for city summers. The fabric has also been treated to give extra protection against the elements so getting caught in a shower needn’t be a problem. We particualry like the tote, great for popping out for the Sunday morning essentials and doing you and the environment a favour b ditching the orange Sainsburys bag! Both options are available in classic navy or an eye catching red.



Tom Hide Tote
Tom Hide Tote Detail


As a proud owner of one of the keeper belts I can personally vouch for the quality and feel of the leather, it has slipped straight into my wardrobe as my go to belt for both casual and office outfits. My photo can’t really do justice for the unique hand finish on the buckle but the worn texture gives the belt a touch of personality. If you’re looking for a summer belt the slimmer 1″ option would be ideal for wearing with shorts and chinos, and the lighter tan (as pictured below) is a great shade for the months.

Tom Hide Belt Detail



The decision of some chaps to wrap their well designed and sleek tablets and e-readers in horrendous or drab covers is one of life’s great sartorial mysteries. Tom Hide’s selection of cases gives you the option to protect your gadgets without compromising design or style. We particularly like the classic oxblood brown option.

Tom Hide Case Detail


The Tom Hide wallets are a particular favourite of ours. The sleek slim design helps you avoid the dreaded wallet bulge in your trouser pocket whilst still having enough space to fit ten cards. The handy stud fastened pocket at the top also caught our eye making it easy to get your cards quickly without having to remove your wallet.

Tom Hide Card Holder
Tom Hide Card Case

You can invest a lot in your wardrobe but it’s the little finishing details that can a make a world of difference. We think Tom Hide have got the basic essentials just right with subtle well designed accessories to give your outfits that little extra refinement. Check out the Tom Hide website to see if you agree with us. The TH chaps also have an instagram @tomhideco and a twitter account @tomhidedesigns.