When you lead an extremely busy lifestyle, spending your precious weekend shopping is often at the bottom of your list of priorities. And even if you’re a style conscious chap who likes to spend his free time improving his wardrobe, it’s healthy to get a fresh perspective and opinion on your style. Luckily both scenarios can be tackled by the innovative service offered by The Chapar who provide trunks of quality menswear hand picked by professional stylists delivered straight to your home or place of work.

The Street Gentry team had the opportunity to trial the service this week and it’s fair to say that we were thoroughly impressed. If you like the idea of having a fresh wardrobe update with minimal effort and fuss then read and find out more about this new shopping experience.


The presentation of the service is clean, modern and cool. Coming home from work to the imposing white trunk is a pleasure and working your way through to the bottom feels like Christmas morning. The contents of the trunk are presented in handy outfit bundles to help you get an idea of what works well with what and as you can see from the photos below you are given a range of looks and moods to choose from.



The trunk is not just made up of tops and bottoms however, accessories, jackets, blazers and shoes are also included in what is effectively a new wardrobe in a box. Your stylist picks items for your trunk based on the choices you make during the ordering process where you are asked for your taste and style preferences and what pieces in particular you are looking for. Your stylist also gives you a call to get a better idea of your style, what you like and if you have any size issues. From step one you feel as if you are in good adds and this all adds to the personlised shopping experience that is main focus of The Chapar.




We’re always keen to promote all things British here at Street Gentry so it was also great to see such a wide selection of British brands and labels in the trunk, such as Ben Sherman, John Smedley and Hackett. Another handy aspect of the service is the inclusion of brief label guides for some the brands featured in your trunk to give you an idea of the story and culture behind some of the pieces included.

Even if you are confident in your own style and already have a good idea of what looks good on you the service is still definitely worthwhile as your are given a few choices in your trunk, courtesy of your stylist, that you might not of thought of trying before. In my trunk for example there was a jacket and sweater that I wouldn’t ordinarily pick out to try on but they were a pleasant surprise. This is one of the perks of the service as you can try on pieces out of your comfort zone in your own bedroom, away from the disapproving eyes of fitting room goblins.




One drawback of the service however is that although you provide your measurements as part of the signup process, different brands have different sizings which can result in a few of the products in your trunk not fitting properly. But this can be overcome as you work with the same stylist on subsequent orders and so can provide feedback on any size issues, but it can be a tad frustrating finding a fantastic blazer nestled at the bottom of your trunk that just doesn’t quite fit.

Overall The Chapar definitely comes recommended from the Street Gentry team. With a great range of new and classic brands, excellent presentation, and stylists that know what they’re talking about what’s not to like about this straight to your door personalsied shopping service?

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