Fifty years have passed since the peak of The French New Wave yet the style and attitude of the Nouvelle Vague films remain as benchmarks of timeless cool. Thanks to directors such as François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, the politically charged, sexy and playful films of this period continue to fascinate and influence the creative industries. Our first Style Sheet takes a look at the innovative and iconic film movement for inspiration and lessons in rebellious French cool.



frenchnewwavesuitNoteworthy: Perfectly fitted suit. No break in trouser leg. Anna Karina in tow.



Noteworthy: Argyle v-neck sweater with tie. Double breasted suit. Immaculate dance moves.


b29b389081f3eb7016084e236d9bd278Noteworthy: Turtle neck sweater with blazer. Cardigan over crisp white shirt and tie.



bb6267874d58b2dfb11c83f6cd2607a2Noteworthy: Dark shades with suit. Mussed hair.



Key Elements: Dark shades, tailored suits, turtlenecks, Italian leather shoes, neckties and a rebellious disposition. Jean-Paul Belmondo. This is a film movement famous for challenging conventions, being playful with the rules will help you on your to French New Wave style.
And say what you will, but Mad Men and Nouvelle Vague films have taught us that you simply were not cool in the 50’s or 60’s without a cigarette, preferably paired with a suit and umbrella in the rain for ultimate film noir chic!

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