For our latest Style Sheet we’re looking back to the golden age of jazz and bebop for a closer look at the enduring style of the era’s icons. Jazz is the go-to genre to add a touch of class and sophistication to anything and thankfully for us style-inspiration hunters the timeless cool stretches to the wardrobes of the genres stars as well. Immaculately dressed jazz aficionados Miles Davis, Chet Baker and Duke Ellington are just a few of the Kings of the Cool from an era that is still showing us how it’s done today.

While bebop stars such as Mile Davis and Dizzy Gillespie took their ques from the Ivy league style, with button down shirts and loafers the uniform of choice, West Coast players like Chet Baker adopted a more relaxed look with polos, white tee shirts and turtle necks more in tune with the bohemian surroundings. If you prefer a more tailored elegant approach however then Duke Ellington is the jazz style icon for you. Rarely seen without a sportscoat or suit, Ellington even designed his own shoes!

Although not a jazz musician, the photographer Bert Stern was at the heart of the genre in the late 50s and deserves to be mentioned for taking the iconic photo below. If your ‘selfie’ doesn’t have a naked Marilyn Monroe with a half drunken bottle of red in it, it will never be as cool as Bert’s.

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