Having looked back to the French New Wave in our previous ‘Style Sheet’ we’re keeping the international theme going this time with a look at the Japanese take on Ivy League style. Japan’s infatuation with Americana and US pop culture is well known so it should come as no surprise that one of America’s most iconic style legacies, the ‘ivy league look’, should have had such a resonance with successive generations of Japanese youth since the 1960s. With their attention to detail that goes beyond the usual penny loafers, sportcoats and khakis it’s been argued that the Japanese are better than their American counterparts at… er dressing American. Take a look at our style sheet and judge for yourselves.






Originally published in Japan in 1965, the book ‘Take Ivy’ has since become a highly sought after and influential book in men’s style. As a series of candid photographs taken across four American campuses the book now serves as a definitive document of the style. The beautifully shot series of photographs encapsulated the unique campus fashion that set off an obsession with American trad and ivy style clothing in Japan that has continued to this day.


Ivy style is also celebrated and explored in a range of Japanese fashion publications such as ‘Free and Easy’ and ‘Popeye’, both of which frequently feature pieces, articles and photography on the ivy league look. The magazines uniquely Japanese take on style has helped garner an international cult following, partly thanks to their ability to cover or illustrate classic Americana style better than their American counterparts GQ and Esquire! Copies and subscriptions for both can be bought here in the UK though Superdenim. The eccentric aesthetic and frequent use of quirky illustrations alone make them worth a look!



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