Famous for his comedy, talk show and recently, that little mishap at Miss Universe, Steve Harvey is clearly a gentleman who knows style. From well cut suits to relaxed casual wear, Harvey stands out immediately for his eclectic and exuberant dress sense, making him our latest choice for Gentry style icon.

He pays attention to detail

From collar pins to pocket squares, Harvey pays attention to the finer details, leading to a clean-cut style. It difficult to pull off a dark suit and shirt combination but with good use of a tie clip, pocket square and collar bar results in a sophisticated look.

The tartan blazer combined with a navy scarf, white pocket square and shirt – smart-casual done well.


His Tuxedo game is strong

To wear a tuxedo is a hallmark of a Gent and Harvey uses his Tux’s as an art canvas, complementing an array of bow ties and pocket squares with different tuxedo and dinner jackets. Check effortless, polka dot bow-tie, pocket square contrast with a white tuxedo.

double breasted

And the Burgundy velvet suave.


He knows how to pull off colour

Straying from the usual grey or navy suit is always risky business but for Steve Harvey this is nothing more than water off a duck’s back. Anything from coral to yellow, Steve Harvey wears his suits with aplomb.



Dress down is no issue

Although Harvey spends most of his time in a suit, when the time comes for downtime, he knows what to wear, be it winter warmers or beachwear.

Dress Down 2


He has an equally stylish partner in crime

Both regular attendees at Paris and New York Fashion weeks, Harvey’s wife, Marjorie demands just as much attention as he does with her svelte style.



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