My mother has always told me that charity begins at home. Likewise, the foundations of gentlemanly style will often begin in your own home.

There are a number of obvious accessories, i.e belts, watches and wallets, that help a Gent complete his look. There are more though. In fact, there are an array of less obvious but nonetheless essential tools that often provide the backbone of a Gent’s everyday look.

From collar bones to spray starch, we’ve listed six undercover tools to help modern Gent to maintain his look.

As always, let us know what else you would include.

Shoe Trees



Nobody wants a shoe that’s as wide as a pancake.

A pair of cedar wood shoe trees will help leather footwear retain its shape and keep odours away.

Place these in your shoes after wear.

Available from Jones Bootmaker (pictured) and most shoe shops.


Wood Hangers


Wood hangers should be the only hangers in your wardrobe.

Suitable for suits, trousers,jeans and shirts, wooden hangers provide utmost sturdiness where wire and plastic hangers tend to buckle under the weight of coats and jackets.

Available from Ikea (pictured), and most home department shops.

Tie Hanger

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 03.10.37


If you’ve tried (and believe me I have) to hang your ties on a standard clothes hanger, you’ll have quickly worked out that this isn’t a long term solution.

Tie hangers prevent bunching – separating your ties so they can be selected with ease during the morning rush.

Available from Debenhams (pictured) and from most menswear retailers.

Collar Stiffeners



There’s nothing worse than wearing a tie on a shirt with floppy collars.

Most formal shirts will be accompanied with plastic collar stiffeners. Plastic stiffeners are better than not using any at all, but metallic or brass stiffeners will give your shirt collar a firm and rigid appearance.

Choose a stiffener length to match your collar size and shirt style.

Available from T.M. Lewin and most formal shirt shops.

Shirt Restoration

Pre wash stain remover and starch (yes, we’ve cheated and put these as one) – is a deadly duo that will end your weekly trip to the dry cleaners.

Use the pre-wash stain remover on collars and wrist cuffs to ensure that shirts leave the washing machine without the sweat  and stains they entered with.

Spray starch on your shirts before ironing and they will sport the crisp look that you associate with dry cleaned shirts. Do use wisely, as starch is not suitable for all shirts.

Available in Waitrose and most supermarkets.

Grooming Essentials


The importance of male grooming goes without saying.

No Gent wants to be meeting and greeting work colleagues, friends or family with untrimmed nails or stray pieces of cotton on his clothing.

Grooming kits, like this John Lewis set will come with an array of tools including nail clippers, scissors, clothes brush and comb – guarding against most situations.

You can purchase grooming kits from most department stores or simply create your own essential kit by collecting individual pieces.