With 50 years of cutting edge design, Silhouette Eyewear has carved its place as a leader in the luxury eyewear market and this week we’ve been testing out one of the latest releases – the SPX Illusion.

Silhouette SPX Illusion Review

Silhouette are best known for their lightweight rimless glasses so we were excited to get the chance to test out one of their latest releases, the SPX Illusion which represents a new challenge.

The round tortoise shell design is a strong look at the moment and could so easily go wrong with heavyweight styling and thoughtless design, so we were excited to see right out the box that the Silhouette SPX Illusion do not suffer from those stereotypes in anyway.

The style is a lot more ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’ than ‘Boris’ from ‘Goldeneye”, the perfect look for a corporate office style which could see you right through to the evening.

The second thing you notice when you first handle the eyewear is just how light they are. Almost too light at first, until you use them for a few hours and build confidence. This is achieved by one of Silhouette’s market leading technologies SPX plastic. They can flex and contort with your every move and at times you can be forgiven for even forgetting you have them on. Perfect if you are always on the move – the last thing you want to worry about is the state of your glasses as you’re jumping in and out of cabs and needing to move fast in style.

As far as looks are concerned the craftsmanship of these glasses really shines through, with the tortoise shell finish. This is achieved by hand, in a 4 step process that makes each pair of spectacles one-of-a-kind – Making each piece your own personal statement.

SPX Illusion Round Review

Pictured above are the Silhouette SPX Illusion Round which we have tried out over the past week, although there are four other Illusion models available in six different colours from selected eye care professions. Check out the Silhouette website for full details.

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