Call it “leisurewear” or “urbanwear”, the fact remains that in 2018, most of us are spending more and more time in clothes that are not only stylish but are also comfortable. An easy choice may be the Nike’s and Adidas’ of this world, with their broad range of tracksuits and sweatshirts but of course its not the Gentry way to go for the obvious.

Step forward, Serge DeNimes, the brainchild of Made in Chelsea star, Oliver Proudlock. Founded in 2011, the brand has a quality collection of casual wear, from tees, sweatshirts and bottoms to jewellery from earrings to bracelets as well as accessories.

Our stand-outs from the collection are the Serge DeNimes sweatshirt and the matching DeNimes sweatpants. A black tracksuit is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple and this combination with its brand detailing on the jumper and bottoms add a touch of class to what we found to be a very comfortable get up.

Any brand that offers fresh attire that will allow a Gent to stand out from the norm is a certified Gentry hit. With its reasonably priced range of casual garments, Serge DeNimes will have passersby giving you a second look.

View the full range at Serge DeNimes.