Winter is undoubtedly peak time for socks. With the weather now too cold for stepping out the door bearing ankle, and with hordes of uninspired Christmas shoppers reaching for the nearest (and cheapest!) fail safe multi pack, it’s the time of the year where the humble sock really comes to the fore. So with the season of the sock in mind Street Gentry have picked out some of our favourites to treat your feet this winter.


If you’re looking for a pair of quality full length socks then you won’t be disappointed by the selection offered by The Jaunty Flaneur. With a choice of cotton, wool and cashmere there is option to suit every gents budgets, and what’s more, you get the option of donating warm socks to rough sleepers. We’ve picked out the aubergine option in cotton because of the warm subtle colour that will work well in providing a splash of interest to both formal and causal outfits. (You can get an idea of how great these socks look on in the banner photos above.) 



As well as being made from quality material these socks also benefit from being full length, which means more leg covered and none of the biting into muscle and bunching around the ankles that happens with the cheaper, now more common shin length socks.


Japan has a reputation for quality well constructed socks, with most being made in the two main Japanese knitting centres Nara and Wakayama. These rag socks from Beams+ are the perfect colour to go with most shoe/trouser combinations and have a great looking blended texture. If paying over a tenner for a pair of socks is still a line you refuse to cross however, you can still buy Japanese socks on a budget from Uniqlo and Muji. Both brands have a good range of bold solids and argyle patterns and both brands also regularly do great multi-buy deals.



The Royal sock suppliers Corgi are a great option for adding quirky and vibrant touches to your ankles. With a variety of stripes, patterns and motifs that fall on the right side of novelty, Corgi socks are also very good value for a money for a product made in the UK. And with this British theme in mind we’ve chosen this fun green pair featuring a rather proud looking bulldog motif.


This choice may, or may not of been prompted by a fast approaching visit to the HELLO! MY NAME IS PAUL SMITH exhibit visit occupying the mind, but what better way to add a bit of traditional British design to your outfit than with a pair of Paul Smith socks. These rich Argyle numbers are made in the UK and feature, with typical Paul Smith flair, a subtle hint of electric blue. Argyle goes hand in hand with Penny Loafers, but perhaps a black or cognac loafer choice would be a better pairing for the maroon.

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