Famous for providing designs to some of the worlds most famous car brands such as Ferrari and Maserati, Italian design house Pininfarina has recently expanded into furniture and electronics. To commemorate its 85th year, at the end of 2015 Pininfarina launched its Icon 85 Collection.

Based on Pininfarina’s heritage, Icon 85  consists of six, limited edition luxury items, shown below.

[divider]Napkin Forever Pininfarina Cambiano[/divider]


[divider]The Bridge | Travel Bag[/divider]

The Bridge Travel Bag

[divider]Lozza | Sunglasses [/divider]

Lozza Sunglasses

[divider]Horo | Polo[/divider]

Horo Polo

[divider]Baraka | Bracelet[/divider]

Baraka Bracelet

[divider]Visconti | Carbongraphite[/divider]

Visconti - Carbongraphite

Visit Pininfarina to see the wider range which includes fragrances, headphones and more.