The Nike Air Max turns the ripe age of 27 this month and in celebration Nike are launching the Air Max 1 “Air Max Day.”

The first Air Max release was on 26/03/87, designed by Tinker Hatfield and was the first piece of footwear to feature a visible air pocket, which is now the shoes iconic signature. But the story started ten years earlier with a prototype from an aerospace engineer named Frank Rudy.

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Original artwork courtesy of complex

The history of the Air Max is summed up pretty nicely with this launch video for Air Max Day. There’s some amazing original artwork and even pictures of the original prototype Air Max:

The “Air Max Day” come in a white / red colour scheme with a bright yellow midsole and 3.26-emblazoned tongue. They are available for pre order now but are officially released this Wednesday on “Air Max Day” 26/03/14. Get your hashtags at the ready #AirMax.

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