Let’s face it, when you see something every day it’s easy to look it over and not give it a second’s thought, but with a little imagination and creative spirit your dreary grey commute or that local run-down corner shop can be transformed into something genuinely inspiring and unique. The everyday needn’t be ordinary, just look at the project we featured recently that aims to transform the Barbican into an immersive augmented video game. It’s this spirit of finding new perspectives that Lacoste L!VE are aiming to capture with their #NEWPERSPECTIVE campaign.

Teaming up with Instagram photographer @MrWhisper, Lacoste L!VE are offering tips to capture the everyday from a unique perspective. The only tools required are your smartphone and your imagination. Once you’ve taken your aesthetic gem you can share your new perspective on Instagram with the hashtag #NEWPERSPECTIVE and tagging @LACOSTELIVE.





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