At Street Gentry we are big fans of cool, emerging British Labels. Menikmati is just that.

Inspired by the 90’s clubbing scene, Menikmati offer a great range of graphically designed, oversized t-shirts perfect for the upcoming Ibiza season and nights when a Gent needs to rave. With an expanding range which includes hoodies, track bottoms, jumpers, beanies and 5panel caps – Menikmati provide great streetwear options.

Check out the images below, taken from Menikmati’s popular lookbook, “Black Label 2”. For the full clothing and accessories range, visit the Menikmati website.


Menikmati Limited Edition 1-Panel

“Menikmati is the independent clothing label for those who seek the hedonistic lifestyle of the underground clubbing scene. We live for the secret parties, the ground breaking music and of course the freshest apparel. Born out of the clubbing scene, Menikmati now offers garms to match the diverse demands of the discerning streetwear enthusiast.”


Menikmati Label Cotch Pants

Menikmati Beanie