logo American eyewear brand Lookmatic have made short work of making a name for themselves across the pond, offering fully customizable prescription glasses for as little as $95 (around 60 quid to you and me) delivered globally straight to your door. Anyone who has shopped for a decent pair of designer frames knows it can be an expensive business, and that’s even before you’ve had your lenses fitted. So with such a low pricepoint that includes your prescription, you’d be pretty shortsighted not to check out Lookmatic’s attractive range of eyewear.

Many of the designs also give you the option of the choosing the colour of the frames and the tint of the lenses, so you really can go crazy with your customization with some offering as many as three or four colour options and seven tints.

If you’re worried about ordering frames without having tried them on first, the website offers an innovative ‘virtual try on’ service, which works by using either an uploaded photo, or your webcam to digitally impose the frames on your mugshot. Although it might sound a bit dubious, the virtual try on gives you a great idea of what frames and styles suit you, and which definitely don’t from the comfort and privacy of your home. And for those not convinced by the virtual world a ‘home try on’ service is also offered where up to five frames can sent out to your abode. This, however, is not yet available internationally, but apparently should be soon. So keep your eyes peeled!





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