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Monk Strap shoes have enjoyed something of a renaissance in the last few years. The double monk strap has bridged the gap between classic and contemporary, able to complement both smart and casual looks.

Familiar with Loake’s lace up clogs and boots, we decided to put its monk strap offering, the “Cannon” from its premium 1880 range, under the spotlight.

Having kindly been sent the dark brown Cannon by Loake, I somewhat courageously took them on the recent Gentry trip to Berlin, relying on them as the only pair of shoes in a day filled with walking.

As most Gents will know, new leather shoes often require an extensive wearing-in process. I was pleasantly surprised therefore that after more than 5 hours continuous wear (during which I’d travelled by bus, tube and plane) the Cannon remained as comfortable as they had been when I had first slipped my feet in.

Loake Cannon

A day and a number of complements on my footwear later, the Cannon’s had served me well. I had requested style and comfort and I received that in abundance. Any worries I had of loose buckles and my feet slipping inside the shoe were quickly dispelled; the metallic clasp holding the adjustable straps proved to be sturdy, giving a snug and secure fit expected from lace-up shoes.


Handmade with Goodyear welted soles, fully leather lined with leather insoles, the Cannon will add sartorial elegance to both formal and casual outfits and serve as sign that you know your footwear. For a more casual look, the Cannon in brown suede or tan offer great alternatives meanwhile the Cannon in black leather is a firm choice for formal occasions.

At £209, the Loake Cannon may seem steep, but Loake provide quality that mean your shoes will offer years of wear where others may falter.

If the monk strap renaissance has enticed you, then make sure you consider the Loake Cannon. Visit the Loake website for more information.

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