“Streetwear” conjure’s images of long tees, caps and some of the retro sports brands like Fila and Ellesse which have recently made a comeback. Now though, the ever evolving streetwear scene has new players and they come from Africa. With wax print tops, bottoms and accessories, the West African prints are easily distinguishable making them perfect for those who wish to blend culture with peacocking.

Jekkah is one of the key streetwear brands making African print cool. Founded in 2013, products are sourced, designed and manufactured in The Gambia with only a limited number made in each design. “Jekkah”, taken from the Wolof language, spoken in Senegal and The Gambia, means “to be beautiful or elegant, to be well-dressed” and with an eclectic range of tops, bottoms, jackets, caps, and other accessories, the brand lives up to this.

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