Through our ‘Style Icon’ series Street Gentry have celebrated some of the most stylish gentlemen of the 20th century from JFK to Jean-Paul Belmondo, so it was with some embarrassment when we noticed the glaring omission of perhaps the most deserving figure for the phrase. Hot on the tail of the recently released biopic ‘Life’ our latest (and long overdue!) Style Icon feature focuses on the original rebel without a cause James Dean.

Despite 60 years passing since his tragic and untimely death James Dean’s image remains as ubiquitous as ever – emblematic of teenage disillusionment and rebellion, and a hero to the forever restless and young at heart. An enduring pop-culture mainstay Dean has been a idol for a plethora of subcultures from the beats to punk and the Hollywood archetype of the brooding outsider created by Dean also lives on through the likes of Brad Pitt and Rvan Gosling.

With a casual uniform of bomber jackets, Breton tops, white tees, thick-rimmed glasses and rugged overcoats and denim, Dean broke the mould of what a conventional film star should look like – with the ever-present cigarette also close to hand. The key and defining factor in Dean’s lasting style legacy however is the apparent nonchalance and lack of effort, iconic cool just came naturally. Oh and the hair of course – surely the envy of many a perennially quaffed Premier League footballer!

So if you’re feeling motivated to add some rebellious loner cool into your autumn wardrobe why not check our selection of iconic Dean photos below for some inspiration and remember as the man himself said: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”


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Key Ingredients of James Dean Style


One of the most appealing aspects of James Dean’s style is the simplicity, so whether you’re looking to re-create the shoulder hunched/collar turned up against the rain Time Square look or the iconic outsider image from ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ most gent’s will have the basic ingredients in their wardrobe – it’s the effortlessly cool nonchalance that is the tricky part!

We put together a red Harrington jacket and a basic white tee with some rugged selvedge denim and desert boots to create a simple homage to the iconic Dean rebel look. Some thick rimmed glasses and a vintage wrist watch were the final added touches of Dean.

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